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Posted: August 03, 2015

Bedrooms must be cosy and practical. Unless you have no children or a really good job, chances are you won't have a separate changing room/ walk-in-wardrobe. So you will need storage as well as a bed in your bedroom. Chest of drawers, built in or free standing wardrobe, all have to work practically as well as aesthetically. This can be a problem. When I first moved into the house we just dragged along old inherited drawers and hanging space was a hook on the back of the door! I planned where the bed would be best and then moved it around just to check that it really was the best spot. Then i set about dreaming of a suitable solution. Something that would tick all the boxes and I came up with this.
Plenty of hanging space, even for a few long coats and dresses (not mine!), drawers a plenty, and even a bed! I had stayed at a friends house who had built in beds but remembered that there was nowhere to put a glass of water or book up at that height. So the airing cupboard next door was cut into and robbed of a little space. The only thing left to do is to fit a little light up there so that a good novel can be devoured long into the night.

Beds must be quality. The frame is not so important, the mattress however should be an investment. I saved until i could afford the best quality individually hand sprung, sheep wool stuffed, eco-lined, high altitude, jargon hyped mattress! It has made a massive difference, as we spend half our life asleep it needs to be done in comfort. A good nights sleep really is key to a productive life.
A high level shelf all the way around the room lifts interest higher than you would normally look. A great way to store collections and make a feature of them.

This Bedroom is continuing to evolve. At the moment it has hand made curtains made from a couple of old french linen sheets with a boarder of offcuts. An inherited chest of drawers that i stripped and will paint one day. A stripped fireplace that will also be painted when the urge strikes. The valance is made of old Hungarian grain sacks that have been unpicked to make one length of rough linen. This allows unsightly baggage to be stored incognito.
I recently painted the floor which has really lifted the light levels in the room, as it bounces the daylight much more than the bare floorboards did.

The same bedroom has one wall that is papered, over and over, to get that layered feel that i love. I can easily remove the top layer or keep building on top.
Having wall mounted bedside lighting is a great way to smarten up the room. No more stretching and fumbling for the switch in the night, or knocking over a glass of water onto the lamp!